Digital Video Wall

A video wall is a special multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen.


Video Wall is a powerful solution for communicating, promoting, branding, messaging and ambiance.

Kayros Wall:

  • Is a dynamic video wall the creates unique mood via a multi-sensory experience

  • Empowers your business products and messages through video, audio, images, live feeds & text

  • Enables you to display, distribute and control content over several grouped screens in different layouts

  • Leverages your business to position products, sharpen messages, improve customer relations, create an ambiance, and develop fruitful internal communications

Video Walls - Restaurant and Bar Applications

Huge, seamless video walls for restaurants and sports bars will increase your profits.

Sports bars and restaurants need a great-looking video offering for sports events.

Modern sports bars rely on the quality of their video entertainment in order to entice customers to their establishments for the big game or fight. During big sports events, sports bars (and restaurants specializing in sports entertainment) have traditionally used projectors and projector screens to create a bigger audiovisual viewing area so that the majority of people in the bar will be able to see what is happening on the screen. However this often produces a low-quality washed out image which can become almost unwatchable in bright conditions.

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