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Digital Signage: Menu Boards

In an increasingly competitive market, digital menu boards enable restaurant and bar managers keep pace or stay ahead of their competition. By using digital signage, restaurant managers are able to incorporate full-motion video into their menu displays and instantly update content to account for last-minute product and price changes for a single location or multiple locations, from anywhere in the world

Digital menu boards and promotional boards allow messages to be dynamic, clear and interactive.Digital signage is highly flexible so messaging can be delivered in real time with no waiting for printed materials.

Digital menus facilitate an easier ordering process for the customer. The menu signage is consistent across the stores, increasing customer familiarity with the brand. The letters are clear and easy to read and the cashier need not guess which menu items the customer ordered.


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Digital Menu Board Portfolio

Digital Menu Boards @ SunValley CA
El Toro Loco, Miami
Xochimex Cantina Grill, Miami
Dominicus Pizza, Hialeah Garden, FL
Karla Bakery
Karla Bakery
Gaia Therapeat, Hollywood, FL
Town Center, Florida
Kappas, South Miami
Tainos Bakery, Orlando FL
Frida Luna, Miami, FL
Kyoto Sushi & Grill, Orlando, FL
Jon Smith Subs, Miami
Frida Luna Miami
Frida Luna, Miami
Xochimex Cantina Grill, Miami
Kyoto Sushi & Grill, Orlando, FL
Jaque Mate Rest.- Miami, FL
Taino Bakery, Orlando, FL
Taino Bakery Orlando, FL
Jaque Mate Rest - Miami, FL
Venezia Cafe, Miami Beach, FL
Venezia Cafe, Miami Beach, FL
Jaque Mate Rest.- Miami, FL
Jaque Mate Rest.- Miami, FL
Sergios Rest, Ft Lauderdale, FL
Kelly Cajun Grill, Colorado
Cilantro Sunvalley Mall, California
Chicken Connection @ Sunvalley, CA
Suki Hanna @Sunvalley, CA
Japan Japan, Sawgrass Mills, FL
SkyZone Park, Daytona Beach, FL
Japan Japan Digital Menu, FL
Le Roy Rene, Brickell City C., FL
Le Roy Rene, Brickell City C., FL
Le Roy Rene, Brickell City C., FL
Kelly Cajun Grill, Broward Mall, FL
American Black Coffee, Broward Mall
Club Tipico Dominicano, Miami, FL
Club Tipico Dominicano, Miami, FL
BonJour French Bakery, Miami, FL
BonJour French Bakery, Miami, FL
Latin Grill, Dadeland Mall, Miami
Latin Grill, Dadeland Mall, Miami
Yeung's Lotus Express , Miami
Cuban Guys - Aventura, FL
Oliver's Chichen - Chicago IL
Cafe con Leche Broward Mall
Chamo's Cafe, Doral, FL
Black Coffee Store, Miami
Sergio's Restaurant, Walmart Hialeah
Sergios's Rest., Pembroke Pines
Don Criollito, Southland Mall, Miami
Tea Gallery, Intl Mall, Miami
Sergio's Restaurant - SW Miami, FL
Cuban Guys Rest - Miami, FL
El Corral Brickell (NEW)
Snow Joe'
Tea Gallery Shop
Southland Mall Digital Standees
Sergio's Rest. - Bird Rd, Miami
Granier Bakery, Sunny Isle, FL
MR Karbon Peruvian Rest.
Cafe con Leche, Bayside

Benefits of Digital Menu Boards!

Some examples of how Digital Signage can be used for Menu boards include:

• Increase sales
Many operators are seeing a sales lift simply by deploying digital menu boards. In addition dayparting is a technique that can be used to limit waste and drive up sales. It comprises an automated system used to control a restaurant’s digital menu board content and marketing. Dayparting gives restaurant managers a detailed layout of sales during periods throughout a day or a shift. Managers can use that information to promote items through menu visuals that might not be selling well or to entice customers to more profitable items at various times.
• Communication
Digital signage enables restaurant managers to remotely update menus and make instant, preprogrammed changes.
Many restaurants are always trying to come up with healthier recipes. The nutritional information is going to change, and it is much easier to make those changes in a digital format than having to have a new static menu printed out.
• Entertainment
By installing digital signage showing eg. live TV where customers queue in a fast food restaurant, the perception of the waiting time is reduced (wait warping) resulting in happier clientele that are likely to spend more. Research has shown that the length of waiting time can be directly correlated with the amount someone will spend once they reach the till, and whether they return to the restaurant at all.
• Cost savings
Rising costs and changing consumer tastes mean that menus and prices change frequently. If the price of a particular ingredient rises dramatically, operators need to have the flexibility to adjust prices accordingly. Restaurant operators also need the ability to promote products that are in high inventory so they can decrease the amount of waste and increase their overall sales.
Static posters and banners are expensive to print and renew on a regular basis to keep the content relevant. With digital signage no printed material is necessary, so both time and cost savings can be made, and the environmental impact is minimised.
• Efficiency
Restaurant managers have traditionally needed to carefully monitor the creation and delivery of signs, such as for menus or promotions. The menus were either delivered from corporate headquarters or printed locally, so a manager needed to ensure the signage arrived in time. times needed to be proofread carefully for spelling or message errors, and the manager needed to verify that the signs were associated with the correct promotions, rather than with expired ones.
• Image Reinforcement

Digital signage can reinforce a restaurant’s brand with a consistent message while also elevating the overall customer perception. Companies with franchises are able to maintain control of their brand; with digital signage corporate templates can be provided for each franchise with some zones available for localised content.

• Making Money

Menu boards also can serve as an additional revenue stream through vendor partnerships. Restauranteurs can sell space on their digital signage to food and drink companies, allowing them to promote relevant products.

• Promotion
With digital signage slow moving dishes can be promoted as ‘specials’, and specific themes e.g Christmas menus can be promoted.. With centralized control of promotions and menu board content restaurant owners can ensure consistent promotion of particular products across all restaurants.

• To inform
Digital signage enables restaurants to inform their clientele. Ingredients, calorific values and whether a dish is e.g vegetarian can all be displayed and instantly updated. Customers can also be informed about new products that are being sold.

• Instant Messaging/Paging
Messages, updates and alerts can be easily disseminated to restaurant staff instantly.

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